small bug in 4.66.5 - log entries missing

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Feb 27 00:00:47 GMT 2008

on 2/26/2008 1:32 PM Julian Field spake the following:
> Does this only happen with the ClamAVModule scanner?
I just had some time to look at my systems and I am not seeing this.

Back in December I saw the report change from

Dec 30 05:38:03 mail MailScanner[28877]: ClamAV Module::INFECTED:: Email.Hdr.San
esecurity.07091600:: ./lBUDb5e1031892/


Feb 26 15:30:02 mail MailScanner[17626]: ClamAVModule::INFECTED:: Email.Spam.Gen
2443.Sanesecurity.08020714:: ./m1QNTefQ019501/

Just the space between ClamAV and Module.

Maybe there was some change in the perl logging module?

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