Virus Infected Message Notifications

Brendan Pirie bpirie at
Tue Feb 26 16:16:38 GMT 2008

What is Deliver Disinfected Files = set to?


Ricky Boone wrote:
> This may seem like a _really_ stupid question, but I'll ask anyways.  ;)
> I cannot seem to get messages that are "infected" (eicar) to notify
> the recipient of the infected message.  Messages with bad
> filenames/filetypes, phishing, etc. notify the user without a problem
> ({Filename?}, {Disarm?}, etc.).  But if a message has an infection,
> _nothing_ gets to the recipient.  Notices, however, to the "local
> postmaster" go through just fine.
> I've gone over my config a dozen times now, and I cannot figure out
> what is causing the message to be dropped altogether.  None of the
> config items that stand out seem to make any difference ("Silent
> Viruses", "Still Deliver Silent Viruses", various "Action" directives,
> etc.).  Comparing the MailScanner.conf file doesn't show anything out
> of the ordinary either, with the exception of the "Virus Scanning"
> directive, which is set to a rule (for Mailwatch purposes).
> I can provide my MailScanner.conf file, however I would prefer it was
> not posted to this list, so it would be sent off-list (if requested).
> Any ideas?

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