Virus Infected Message Notifications

Ricky Boone ricky.boone at
Tue Feb 26 16:04:38 GMT 2008

This may seem like a _really_ stupid question, but I'll ask anyways.  ;)

I cannot seem to get messages that are "infected" (eicar) to notify
the recipient of the infected message.  Messages with bad
filenames/filetypes, phishing, etc. notify the user without a problem
({Filename?}, {Disarm?}, etc.).  But if a message has an infection,
_nothing_ gets to the recipient.  Notices, however, to the "local
postmaster" go through just fine.

I've gone over my config a dozen times now, and I cannot figure out
what is causing the message to be dropped altogether.  None of the
config items that stand out seem to make any difference ("Silent
Viruses", "Still Deliver Silent Viruses", various "Action" directives,
etc.).  Comparing the MailScanner.conf file doesn't show anything out
of the ordinary either, with the exception of the "Virus Scanning"
directive, which is set to a rule (for Mailwatch purposes).

I can provide my MailScanner.conf file, however I would prefer it was
not posted to this list, so it would be sent off-list (if requested).

Any ideas?

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