Server side Email Tools for Clients

John Hinton webmaster at
Mon Feb 25 18:07:14 GMT 2008

Now that I have what so far appears to be a nicely configured 
MailScanner/MailWatch system running, I'd like to work on the delivery 
areas for clients.

First, I'm running CentOS 5.x and sendmail in a pretty standard setup up 
until the installation of MailScanner.

I would like to be able to accomplish four things.

I would like to have email delivered to a spam box or two for each 
client. At present I'm doing this with procmail rules.

I would like to have old spam automatically removed from these boxes. At 
present I'm running a couple of custom scripts which do this.

I would like to send reports to clients which reminds them about the 
stored spam and perhaps even provides the subject lines from those 
emails, maybe even sorted with lowest scores at the top, so they are 
reminded that they might have ham which wasn't received. At present I 
have no method of doing this.

I would like to provide a user interface so that they can move email 
from spam to ham and ham to spam for training. At present I have no 
method for doing this.

Does anyone have a suggestion for any program which might be able to 
accomplish this? As always, we are dealing with end users, so KISS is 
important and flexibility as for instance some might not want to receive 
reports... or might not want their mail sorted at all.

I hope this isn't too 'off topic' for this list. But it does seem to be 
the next step. Alternatively, perhaps a link to where I should look 
would be great.

John Hinton

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