MailScanner 4.88.5-3 not being invoked by sendmail

Ugo Bellavance ugob at
Sun Feb 24 04:26:35 GMT 2008

Mike Watson wrote:
> I've been using MailScanner for some years.  My old mail server (Fedora 
> 3/MS 4.37.7-1/SA 3.0.4-2.fc3/sendmail 8.13) works fine but it is running 
> out of room.  I built a new mail server running Fedora 7, MS 4.66.5-3, 
> and Spamassassin 3.2.4-1.fc7 with sendmail 8.14.
> Sendmail works and I can send and receive mail through it.  
> But---MailScanner, although returning a good status, is either not 
> running or not being invoked.  There are no MailScanner or Spamassassin 
> headers being added to e-mail, nor is there any info provided in maillog.
> I'm at a quandary.  The MS install appears to run correctly without 
> error.  The customizations to the .conf files are the same as on the 
> working box.  Is there another install step that I missed?

Have you stopped the 'sendmail' service?

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