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James Gray james at
Fri Feb 22 03:31:56 GMT 2008

On 22/02/2008, at 10:24 AM, Scott Silva wrote:

> on 2/21/2008 2:58 PM James Gray spake the following:
>> On 22/02/2008, at 8:35 AM, Julian Field wrote:
>>> Anthony Cartmell wrote:
>>>>> Unfortunately the Debian maintainers have the view that  
>>>>> MailScanner is
>>>>> "unstable" as I produce releases too frequently for them.
>>>> That reminds me of a long discussion we had, a few months ago,  
>>>> about frequently-released operating systems and whether their  
>>>> release schedule made them "unstable"...
>>>> FWIW (not much) I love MailScanner's release schedule :)
>>> Thank you :-)
>>> Would you really prefer to have to wait a year before feature  
>>> requests were implemented, just to keep some "distorted" Debian  
>>> admins  happy?
>> I don't have any "pure" Debian systems running but I have a number  
>> of Ubuntu server installs I can play with.  Most are running Ubuntu  
>> 6.06LTS (aka. "Dapper").  I'd be willing to investigate the whole  
>> packaging so that it plays nice with Debian/Ubuntu's little quirks.
>> Just a few questions:
>> - Did you want to bundle SpamAssassin and ClamAV too?
>> - Do we need to use your Perl modules or can we use the  
>> distribution ones?
>> - I was thinking maybe making separate packages for all of this  
>> (MS, SA, Clam and Perl mods), then putting it all up in a single  
>> repo - what do other people think?
>> No time frames/promises...I've got to sit down and figure out the  
>> best way to achieve this without borking the base packages etc.   
>> This is just something that's bugged me for ages and after reading  
>> this thread, it's piqued my interest (again!).
>> Cheers,
>> James
> The repo thing has been tried for CentOS, and it borked some things.  
> But then again, it depended on another "third party" repo, so it  
> might work if you had everything in one repo.

The other option would be to just use a Debian package as a wrapper  
for Julian's installer scripts.  However, this would make it very  
difficult to return a system to a "pure" Debian/Ubuntu on removal.   
Hence the reason I was thinking about putting all the Perl/SA/Clam/MS  
components in separate debs.  I also wouldn't be relying on any 3rd  
party repo's.  My plan was a one-stop-shop for MailScanner+SA+Clam  
(and the underlying Perl modules).

Debian (and I assume Ubuntu too) have guidelines for custom packages  
that use later versions of base packages (eg, the perl modules) so  
that if distribution updates the package to a later version than  
Julian's Clam/SA/Perl, it all still plays nice.  Plus the init scripts  
and "/etc/default" are a relatively debian-specific thing too - all of  
which I've done for my Ubuntu systems, but just never bothered to wrap  
it up in a deb.

Most of the ground-work is there; just need to sort out the package  
creation fru-fru (al-la "spec file"...although debs are different) and  
versioning/tagging etc.  Then once it's all packaged I need to work  
out some sort of hosting (maybe the packages are  
any good :P).


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