AW: [FP] possible corrupt sanesecurity defs

Rose, Bobby brose at
Wed Feb 20 22:42:31 GMT 2008

I've tried to convert from hex to text and I'm not sure what this signature is for.

Bad signature is "52657475726e2d506174683a203c{-2}673e*46726f6d3a2022" 

52657475726e2d506174683a203c{-2}673e* = Return-Path: <g>
46726f6d3a2022 = From: "

Which makes sense why it was bad.

The corrected signature is "52657475726e2d506174683a203c{-2}673e*46726f6d3a2022{-50}22203c5f" 
52657475726e2d506174683a203c{-2}673e = Return-Path: <g>
46726f6d3a2022 = From: "
22203c5f = " <_

So I'm guessing it's for messages with no return path and have a From address begging with an underscore.  I searhed my logs and sure enough there are alot of those that look like spam email addresses.

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Even with that version of the file, it is still catching a *lot* of messages. So I'm not 100% convinced it is totally fixed.

Ehle, Roland wrote:
> Hi,
> the working version of scam.ndb is:
> -rw-r--r--  1 clamav clamav  1177245 Feb 20 21:45 scam.ndb
> Sice has changed from 1177232
> Regards,
> Roland
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>> Rose, Bobby wrote:
>>         What is this look for?  Email.Hdr.Sanesecurity.07021900  This 
>> def had "alot" of false positives from all over the place.  Here's 
>> are two header samples.
>> Hi,
>> I've just fixed this problem....when I checked the sig I noticed it 
>> had the end bit of the sig chopped off compared to version the other day...
>> not exactly sure how it happened... and very annoyed with myself if 
>> it was finger trouble...but it's fixed and uploaded, so should be 
>> with the mirrors in about an hour.
>> I can only apologise for the problems caused :(
>> Cheers,
>> Steve
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