Infected message m1KKY4eW011980 came from

Vernon Webb vernon at
Wed Feb 20 21:09:47 GMT 2008

I have had to stop MailScanner and am getting killed with SPAM. For some
reason I have been unable to send emails when MailScanner is running, but
not when Sendmail is running alone. So I have stopped MailScanner and am now
only running Sendmail (on a Fedora Core box). I have recently upgraded
MailScanner and am not sure that this is related as I didn't upgrade today
and today is when the problem seems to have started. When I look in my logs
I see this messages like a million times:


Feb 20 15:34:06 ns MailScanner[10744]: ClamAVModule::INFECTED::
Email.Hdr.Sanesecurity.07021900:: ./m1KKY4eW011980/ 

Feb 20 15:34:07 ns MailScanner[10744]: Infected message m1KKY4eW011980 came


Anyone have any ideas?


Vernon Webb 

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