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Wed Feb 20 21:30:43 GMT 2008

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There may be a problem with the Sane security additions to ClamAV. I'm 
going to kill this feature until tomorrow, in case I'm losing real mail.
Everything I've looked at is spam, but I'm not 100% convinced as it's 
catching an *awful* lot of messages.

Vernon Webb wrote:
> I have had to stop MailScanner and am getting killed with SPAM. For 
> some reason I have been unable to send emails when MailScanner is 
> running, but not when Sendmail is running alone. So I have stopped 
> MailScanner and am now only running Sendmail (on a Fedora Core box). I 
> have recently upgraded MailScanner and am not sure that this is 
> related as I didn't upgrade today and today is when the problem seems 
> to have started. When I look in my logs I see this messages like a 
> million times:
> Feb 20 15:34:06 ns MailScanner[10744]: ClamAVModule::INFECTED:: 
> Email.Hdr.Sanesecurity.07021900:: ./m1KKY4eW011980/
> Feb 20 15:34:07 ns MailScanner[10744]: Infected message m1KKY4eW011980 
> came from
> Anyone have any ideas?
> Vernon Webb
> (201) 703-1232
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> <> by, inc.
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> unlawful.


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