Infected message m1KKY4eW011980 came from

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Wed Feb 20 21:28:37 GMT 2008

That's the one that's been discussed on list as being corrupt. Search
the list for subject "FW: [FP] possible corrupt sanesecurity defs"
You may need to remove scan.ndb or manually kick off an update and check
to see if you have one that they have fixed (since it may not be on all
the mirrors yet)


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Subject: Infected message m1KKY4eW011980 came from

I have had to stop MailScanner and am getting killed with SPAM. For some
reason I have been unable to send emails when MailScanner is running,
but not when Sendmail is running alone. So I have stopped MailScanner
and am now only running Sendmail (on a Fedora Core box). I have recently
upgraded MailScanner and am not sure that this is related as I didn't
upgrade today and today is when the problem seems to have started. When
I look in my logs I see this messages like a million times:


Feb 20 15:34:06 ns MailScanner[10744]: ClamAVModule::INFECTED::
Email.Hdr.Sanesecurity.07021900:: ./m1KKY4eW011980/ 

Feb 20 15:34:07 ns MailScanner[10744]: Infected message m1KKY4eW011980
came from


Anyone have any ideas?


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