HTML/Newsletters being received as unreadable code

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Wed Feb 20 20:15:12 GMT 2008

Julian Field wrote:

> When you run MailScanner --lint, a polite warning is already shown, 
> which I reckon is sufficient for that case. But when you run MailScanner 
> - --debug, there was no obvious warning, so now you get this printed 
> instead, which I think is obvious enough for nearly everyone (the rows 
> of "*"s are included in the output) :
> ************************************************************************
> In MailScanner.conf, your "%org-name%" or "Mail Header" setting
> contains spaces and/or other illegal characters.
> Including any spaces will break all your mail system.
> Otherwise, it should only contain characters from the set a-z, A-Z,
> 0-9 and "-". While theoretically some other characters are allowed,
> many commercial mail systems fail to handle them correctly.
> This is clearly noted in the MailScanner.conf file, immediately above
> the %org-name% setting. Please read the documentation!
> ************************************************************************
> Clear enough for you? :-)

As this still requires someone to run --lint to get this warning (which 
a newbie might skip) why not just do the equivalent of:

$orgname =~ s/\s+/-/g

That way they can't break their mail system accidentally.


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