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Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Scott B. Anderson wrote:
>> My users have been seeing a large amount of Russian charset email spam. How
>> would I set a SA rule to include all Cyrillic (sp) emails or would this be
>> better set at the MTA (sendmail in my case) ?
> You could set a header rule something like
> header X_RULE_NAME Content-Type =~
> /charset="?(ibm-855|iso-8859-5|iso-ir-11|koi8-r|koi8-u|maccyrillic|macukranian|windows-1251|cp-866)/
There is already functionality built into SpamAssasin to do this for 
you, probably more reliably than you could code yourself (no insult 
intended!). Here's the relevant chunk of "man Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf" ...

           ok_locales xx [ yy zz ... ]        (default: all)
               This option is used to specify which locales are 
considered OK
               for incoming mail.  Mail using the character sets that are
               allowed by this option will not be marked as possibly being
               spam in a foreign language.

               If you receive lots of spam in foreign languages, and never
               get any non-spam in these languages, this may help.  Note 
               all ISO-8859-* character sets, and Windows code page 
               sets, are always permitted by default.

               Set this to "all" to allow all character sets.  This is the

               The rules "CHARSET_FARAWAY", "CHARSET_FARAWAY_BODY", and
               "CHARSET_FARAWAY_HEADERS" are triggered based on how this is


                 ok_locales all         (allow all locales)
                 ok_locales en          (only allow English)
                 ok_locales en ja zh    (allow English, Japanese, and 

               Note: if there are multiple ok_locales lines, only the last
               one is used.

               Select the locales to allow from the list below:

               en   - Western character sets in general
               ja   - Japanese character sets
               ko   - Korean character sets
               ru   - Cyrillic character sets
               th   - Thai character sets
               zh   - Chinese (both simplified and traditional) character

So if you set "ok_locales en" that will probably do what you want.


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