HTML/Newsletters being received as unreadable code

Mark Sapiro mark at
Wed Feb 20 15:45:55 GMT 2008

Steve Freegard wrote:

>Andrew Chester wrote:
>> X-Ukuvuma Solutions-MailScanner-From: support at
>           ^^^
>There's your problem - you have spaces in your %org-name% setting in 

While the space in %org-name% is wrong, it does not seem to be the
cause of the problem.

Here's what I see in the last few headers and body:

content-transfer-encoding: base64
content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8

X-Ukuvuma Solutions-MailScanner-From: support at
X-Spam-Status: No

X-Ukuvuma Solutions-MailScanner-From: support at
X-Spam-Status: No


The two sets of MailScanner headers are curious, but it looks from the
Received: headers that the message passed twice through so it was probably scanned twice.

The real problem is the empty lines preceeding each set of MailScanner
headers. This causes the MailScanner headers to be part of the body
which totally destroys the base64 encoding and results in the garbled

I suspect that all base64 encoded messages get garbled this way and
non-bas64 encoded messages show the MailScanner headers in the body.

Perhaps someone with more MailScanner experience has a clue as to why
the MailScanner headers are preceded by an empty line.

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