HTML/Newsletters being received as unreadable code

Mark Sapiro mark at
Mon Feb 18 17:39:03 GMT 2008

Andrew Chester wrote:
> We have recently implemented MailScanner in a mail gateway of ours, and 
> since then about 4 random emails have come through as unreadable code. The 
> emails seem to HTML based, be it newsletters that have been subscribed to 
> or confirmation of flight details to a user, and seem to be random. The 
> code looks like the following (obviously different for each mail):
> ]I.Jn*'?'w&]*Z+Z
> Does anyone know what the problem for the above is and how to solve it?

I am a MailScanner noob, but I know a lot about email. It looks like a 
character set issue of some kind, but beyond that, it is difficult to 
say. It would help me greatly to understand the problem if instead of 
posting what appears to be a copy/paste of some rendering of the 
message, you would post the full, raw message source.

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