MailScanner 4.66.5 woes on Centos 5.1

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at
Sun Feb 17 11:53:30 GMT 2008

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Julian Field wrote:
| Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
|> * PGP Signed by an unverified key: 02/17/08 at 10:51:01
|> Julian Field wrote:
|> | How did you upgrade?
|> | Did you run
|> I upgraded the packages through yum and installed the MailScanner RPM
|> with rpm -Uvh manually.
|> I do not use that script as I have found that I do not wish to screw up
|> yet another system with the --force option. I have paid too high a price
|> to accept that option ever again with rpm.
| It's just that my script writes a .rpmmacros file for you
| that stops all the RPM build errors you were seeing. If you do it all
| yourself, sorry, but don't expect too much sympathy :-)

Why is there a requirement for Perl IO of this version?

If I go over the mailinglist messages from the pastr months I see people
reporting installing per-MailTools 2.02 via yum and not listing per-IO
as a requirement. It seems you needed a specific perl-IO version to get
perl-MailTools working but why does MailScanner insist to use that
version of perl-IO?

I will see if a small modification of the MailScanner program will fix
this dependency issue.


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