MailScanner install problem

Pete Scudamore scud at
Tue Feb 5 22:23:23 GMT 2008

The problem occurs during the rpmbuild process in the post-install phase during
the check-buildroot command. check-buildroot is designed to ensure there are no
references to the temporary installation directory in the rpm. The way that
variables are defined in the SPEC files has somehow changed in the build process.

The solution is to run ./ from the unpackaged MailScanner directory.

Let the install fail on the first build attempt.

You can break out of the script using ^C.

Edit the /root/.rpmmacros file

Add the following line to the end of the file:

%__arch_install_post %{nil}

This tells rpmbuild not to run check-buildroot.

All of the perl modules will now build into rpms normally.

MailScanner will install correctly.



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