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Sat Dec 20 10:47:55 GMT 2008

Scott Silva schrieb:
>> They don´t even know that in the zip file are .lnk files,they just zip
>> complete folders, containing access databases and word dokuments, and
>> links to other dokument. I can´t tell them to sort them out, there are
>> sitting "house-wives" on computers they hardly understand. You can´t
>> even imagine how happy I was to made them understand how to zip a
>> folder :-)
> OK... I have some of those also. Even though I added a half a page of helpful
> comments to the warning page, they still do it all the time. I just laugh at
> them quietly to myself. Just another way to break the monotony!
> How many times do you have to get a message that says "you can't do that"
> until you finally stop trying?
> But they usually slap themselves on the forehead and get it right the second
> time, and then forget completely their embarrassment in a few days and do it
> again. You just can't find comedy like that any more. It is like giving the
> three stooges computers and setting them loose!
Hey, Scott,
I´m very happy that I´m not the only one who has to work with such kind 
of people :) Sometimes they make me running in the woods crying out loud
and begging for help, sometimes they make me just laugh :)


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