Mailscanner filename and filetype rules

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Fri Dec 19 22:30:17 GMT 2008

Scott Silva schrieb:
> on 12-19-2008 10:43 AM traced spake the following:
>> Hi,
>> do you use the default settings shipped with mailscanner for filename-
>> and type checking? I played around with them the last few days, and
>> think that they are, hmm, lets call paranoid.
>> My users are sending a lot of zipped files across the web, containing
>> word ducuments, powerpoint presentations, and sometimes complete zipped
>> folders, including some .lnk windows link files. Such mails never go
>> through the gates, heres an example:
>> What good does it do to send windows .lnk files?
> If I send you a link to c:\blabla.txt, you won't be able to open it anyway.

They don´t even know that in the zip file are .lnk files,they just zip
complete folders, containing access databases and word dokuments, and
links to other dokument. I can´t tell them to sort them out, there are
sitting "house-wives" on computers they hardly understand. You can´t
even imagine how happy I was to made them understand how to zip a
folder :-)

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