Mailscanner.rc start up script file location

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Thu Dec 18 22:05:33 GMT 2008

On 18 Dec 2008, at 21:07, Hiram Gibbard wrote:

> Yes. Thats the problem. I was originally using the ports (which I  
> prefer), but since I'm using ClamAV, I was told (From someone on  
> this list) to use the latest version of Mailscanner in order to  
> avoid the issues I was previously having. I would hack a current  
> mailscanner script, but I'm not that good at stuff like that. Do I  
> have any other options?

Why don't you hack the port? You will need to edit the Makefile to  
read the right version number and edit the distinfo file to reflect  
the right version (And change the checksums and file sizes) you should  
then be able to make and install as normal (I don't think any of the  
dependencies have changed so you should be fine).

While this is not the elegant solution the JP would create, I have  
done this a couple of times quite successfully.


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