mailscanner dont process queue

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Tue Dec 16 22:08:31 GMT 2008

2008/12/16 Steve Freegard <steve.freegard at>:
> Marco mangione wrote:
>> ok i'm new here.. what thing can be useful for you to define the problem ?
> Here's the standard procedure anyone should follow if they have a queue that
> is not being processed.
> 1) Stop MailScanner
> 2) run 'MailScanner --debug --debug-sa'
> 3) Post the tail end of the output of step 2 to the list the command does
> not finished with 'Stopping now as you are debugging me...'
> Cheers,
> Steve.
... And when reporting the problem to the list, at least include (if
not present in the info you post) the version of MailScanner and what
MTA (and version) you are using... Perhaps details like if you use an
rpm-based linux system, the tarball on a unix host, or similar things
might also help. A few words about the server itself (RAM/CPU) and
whatever config options one think necessary... might also be good.
But at least version of MailScanner and MTA.

If, just as an example, you run Postfix with a slightly wrongly
configured system (razor slightly misconfigured), there might be a
file in the hold queue that isn't a postfix queue file... This just
might give the effect you describe. Or this could be one of a few bugs
(already fixed:-) that under certain circumstances would have this
effect. So we really need that info to be able to help better.

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