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Nasser Al-Zawawi nassera at
Mon Dec 15 16:13:41 GMT 2008

I have a RedHat ES 4 server running sendmail (8.13.1) and I am using the
latest MailScanner version (4.73.4-2), ClamAV 0.94.2 and SpamAssassin
3.2.5.  I need help with a rule that should block all outside users from
sending emails to our aliases and only allow them to come from people
from our domain.  For example we have an alias called _all_users_ and it
is literally all users on the system.  Somehow spammers are able to see
these aliases on the system (I hope there is a way to disallow them from
seeing the aliases) and then they are sending SPAMs to these aliases so
when they send a spam to _ <mailto:_all_users_ at>
all_users_ at everybody gets that spam.  Could somebody write
this rule and show what directive to put in the MailScanner.conf if any.
I have tried a few but none worked.
Best regards,

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