MailScanner restarts continuosly after OOM

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at
Sat Dec 6 09:54:49 GMT 2008

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Ramiro Blanco wrote:
> Hi, yesterday i had to deactivate MailScanner and move the queue
> manually (with postsuper -r ALL) from the postfix "hold" queue. The
> problem was that MailScanner stopped processing mails, after checking
> logs  i found that it was restarting all the time so i proceeded to
> start it manually by issuing MailScanner --debug and there i saw that
> the problem was "Out of memory". Weird as the server has memory left, no
> swap used and doesn't process a huge amount of mails per day. I've tried
> to set "Max Children = 5" and even "Max Children = 1", but it made no
> difference...
> Here you have more details of my setup and the info i found on logs and
> the output of MailScanner --debug:
> OS: Centos 5.1
> CPU: AMD X2 3600
> MEM: 4gb DDR2
> HDD: SATA 160 Gb,  119 Gb Available (13% used)

Centos 5.1 indicates that not all the latest patches are applied. I
guess it is a rogue message eating away memory due to a perl bug.

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