Fwd: Re: [Mailwatch-users] Users DB

traced at xpear.de traced at xpear.de
Wed Dec 3 14:23:27 GMT 2008

>Hello Bastian:
>>On 27/11/08 20:58, traced wrote:
>> looks like you loose the ability to use the per user/domain
>> spam- and highspamscores, or am i missing something?
>In our experience, the default scores are sufficient for 99% of the users.
>If there is a better way to merge PFA and MailWatch information, I would 
>be happy to hear about it. Problem is that SQL JOINs do not work on life 
>data, and probably have to run as a frequent CRON job.
>Any further suggestions are welcome.
>Best regards,

Hello Achim,

wouldn´t it be possible to add the fields of the spamscores to the pfadmin
tables, and link them in that view? When you create a new entry it would
automatically enter "0" to the values, but you can still change them then 
in the Mailwatch interface. Then everything is in the pfadmin table, and
Mailwatch gets everything it needs with the view written here before?!


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