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2008/8/29 Steve Campbell <campbell at>

> I hate to ask a question about old version stuff, but we're in the middle
> of some changes here that just do not let me get around to updating MS. I'm
> running 4.58.9.
> I started updating the world of Clam/SA and got stopped before I could get
> to MS. I now see "ERROR: CVD extraction failure" messages in my log file.
> I'm assuming this has to do with new ClamAV/ old MS and did my best to try
> and find where the message is coming from. Couldn't find a clue in any of
> the update scripts, etc.
> Any help would be appreciated, and any explanation as to the severity of
> the messge would be gratefully appreciated also.
> Thanks
> Steve Campbell
Do you get the same from freshclam? The clamav-autoupdate basically just run
Perhaps you have multiple clamav installed (or "leftovers" from more than
one)? Check your virus.scanners.conf for the relevant one you are using:).
As always, one install of the latest stable is best.
The error itself is ... pretty sever, I'd think, since you will lack proper
updates until fixed.

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