CVD extraction failure

Steve Campbell campbell at
Fri Aug 29 16:23:52 IST 2008

I hate to ask a question about old version stuff, but we're in the 
middle of some changes here that just do not let me get around to 
updating MS. I'm running 4.58.9.

I started updating the world of Clam/SA and got stopped before I could 
get to MS. I now see "ERROR: CVD extraction failure" messages in my log 
file. I'm assuming this has to do with new ClamAV/ old MS and did my 
best to try and find where the message is coming from. Couldn't find a 
clue in any of the update scripts, etc.

Any help would be appreciated, and any explanation as to the severity of 
the messge would be gratefully appreciated also.


Steve Campbell

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