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Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at
Fri Aug 29 01:47:19 IST 2008

The fact that it got replaced by a BOGUS file, I believe, is probably  
because of a permissions issue. One thing you can try is removing the  
procmail recipe and symlinking /whereveryourmailstoreis to another  
disk/partition with more space, for example.

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On Aug 28, 2008, at 7:18 PM, "Paul McEwan"  
<pmcewan at> wrote:

> I'm not really sure if this is the right place to post this, so I  
> apologize
> in advance.  Part of the problem is I'm not familiar enough with the  
> inner
> workings of Linux.  Anyway ...
> We are running out of space on /var/spool/mail, and I need to move
> individual mailboxes or all of them at some point to network  
> storage.  I
> modified the .procmailrc file of a test user and can successfully  
> receive
> email to the network device.  The problem is that it's still looking  
> in
> /var/spool/mail for the mailbox.  I setup a symlink which worked for  
> a bit,
> but then it got replaced with a BOGUS file.  What's the correct way  
> to do
> this?
> We're using MailScanner, ClamAV, SendMail and ProcMail on RHEL3
> Thanks
> -- Paul
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