Split Per Recipient - Sendmail Issue

Jon Bates jon.bates at summitinvestment.com.au
Tue Aug 26 00:08:16 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote:
>> Jon Bates wrote:
>>> I've followed these instructions to set up the per-recipient split 
>>> from Sendmail:
>>> -- 
>>> Upon starting MailScanner I get the following error message:
>>> Starting MailScanner daemons:
>>> incoming sendmail: /etc/init.d/MailScanner: line 139: 
>>> -C/etc/mail/sendmail-in.cf: No such file or directory
>> That would tend to imply to me that it is looking for a file called
>> -C/etc/mail/sendmail-in.cf
>> and not
>> /etc/mail/sendmail-in.cf
>> It may be something as simple as you missing a space after the "-C".
>> Put in a "set -x" right near the top of the script, and you'll get to 
>> see the full commands that it is actually executing, which may tell 
>> you a lot about what is actually going on, as opposed to what you 
>> think is going on :-)
> Sorry, scrub that. I think you are either missing the "\" from the end 
> of the previous line, or else the "\" is not the last character on the 
> previous line. There must be no spaces after it, it must be the last 
> character. It is trying to run "-C/etc/mail/sendmail-in.cf" as a 
> command, which of course is invalid. 
> Jules
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Brilliant this fixed my problem! I missed that / on the last line.

Thank you kindly for your help Julian!


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