Blacklist and delete?

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At 01:27 PM 8/15/2008, you wrote:
>I was wondering if this is possible...
>I have a few users who get tons of spam every day. MailScanner
>successfully blocks most of these through rules and/or blacklists. The
>problem is when users are viewing their quarantine, there are so many
>messages that it takes a long time to see if anything legitimate is in
>there. On servers running MailWatch with a quarantine report, the
>has 150+ messages in it, again very time consuming to look through.
>So is it possible to have a blacklist entry that also deletes the
>message? This way the quarantine and/or the report email will not be

>Slightly OT, but what I did to solve my volume problem was rbldnsd 
>(; my own RBL. I've never 
>trusted any of the RBL's entirely, except maybe Zen, but then we 
>started doing major loads of International email and still wasn't 
>sure about them.
>The point being, I not only took a load out of my user's inbox, but 
>also off my MTA, because I use my own RBL to block at MTA. I compile 
>my RBL list from MailWatch database of spammers and of all infected
>It really helped me!


This sounds very interesting indeed! I understand the concept and want
to do this, but I don't know much about how to parse the db for this
info. Is there any info out there that could help me?


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