Blacklist and delete?

Scott Silva ssilva at
Sun Aug 17 22:53:51 IST 2008

on 8-15-2008 10:27 AM Chris Barber spake the following:
> I was wondering if this is possible...
> I have a few users who get tons of spam every day. MailScanner
> successfully blocks most of these through rules and/or blacklists. The
> problem is when users are viewing their quarantine, there are so many
> messages that it takes a long time to see if anything legitimate is in
> there. On servers running MailWatch with a quarantine report, the report
> has 150+ messages in it, again very time consuming to look through.
> So is it possible to have a blacklist entry that also deletes the
> message? This way the quarantine and/or the report email will not be
> overloaded?
> Thanks,
> Chris
You can also use the Spamassassin Rule Actions and delete stuff that scores 
somewhat higher then your base high spam score. I do that with stuff that 
scores over 25, and eliminate a good portion of stuff that is very unlikely to 
be a FP.

SpamAssassin Rule Actions = SpamScore>25=>not-store

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you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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