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Joost Waversveld joost at
Thu Aug 21 13:19:38 IST 2008

The method I use (we're using sendmail):

through the command "ps -ef | grep accept" we locate the PID of the 
incoming sendmail-daemon. Then we kill this PID. Mailscanner keeps 
running and delivering it's messages while the server won't accept any 
new messages (Those will go to another mailserver through 
loadbalancing). When the queue's are empty again, we start sendmail 
again through "service MailScanner startin" and the server starts 
accepting messages again.

Best regards,

Joost Waversveld

Julian Field wrote:
> Steve Campbell wrote:
>> I'm getting hammered today and my input queue just keeps growing and 
>> growing. I'd like to stop the input queue from receiving more mail 
>> but still process what's there using MS. What option do I give my 
>> /etc/rc.d/init.d/MailScanner command to accomplish this?
> If you are using sendmail then
> service MailScanner stop
> service MailScanner startms
> service MailScanner startout
> should do the trick if my memory serves me right. If you're using 
> Postfix it's harder as there is only 1 Postfix daemon running so you 
> would have to disable the incoming listener (or block it at your 
> firewall).
> Jules

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