Fetchmail and MailScanner

Desai, Jason jase at sensis.com
Wed Aug 20 20:12:29 IST 2008

> So I have added this option, which will be in the next beta release.
> # When working out from IP address the message was sent from,
> # no  ==> use the SMTP client address, ie. the address of the 
> system talking
> #         to the MailScanner server. This is the normal setting.
> # yes ==> use the first IP address contained in the first 
> "Received:" header
> #         at the top of the email message's headers.
> #
> # This is very useful when you are injecting mail into a 
> MailScanner server
> # using "fetchmail" as otherwise all mail will appear to be 
> coming from the
> # the IP address of the system running "fetchmail", and not 
> the address the
> # mail actually came from.
> # You need to use this together with the "silent" option in 
> "fetchmail", so
> # that "fetchmail" does not add its own "Received:" header to 
> the start of
> # the message.
> #
> # This value *cannot* be the filename of a ruleset.
> Read IP Address From Received Header = no
> Hopefully that will help people out. It only addresses the 
> problem where 
> fetchmail is running on the localhost, I suspect, but I am 
> sure you will 
> let me know the limitations of this addition.

Sounds like this might be useful for cases where you have a secondary or
perimeter mail server send all mail to your MailScanner box.  I had
modified the MailWatch custom function to do this for me, so that it
would store the real sending MTA's ip address in the database.  Now it
looks like I may not need to.  Thanks!


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