MailScannerGOLD [was Re: yum upgrade trouble]

Tom G. Christensen tgc at
Wed Aug 20 10:29:06 IST 2008

Steve Freegard wrote:
> Tom G. Christensen wrote:
>>>> Will the src.rpms be available to all or only to customers?
>> Stephen, I was not able to infer a clear answer to my question from what
>> you wrote. Would you mind giving a direct answer to my question?
> I think Steve's answer was to JC as that's what my threading shows. 
You're right ofcourse.

> But
> I'll answer your question directly and give you the technical details.
Thanks, much appreciated.

> The .src.rpms will most likely be available to all - however, simply
> rebuilding them won't yield the same results as using the main
> repository as we have a whole build system behind these that Doc and I
> wrote.  The purpose of the build system is to automatically handle all
> the RPM 'requires' and 'provides' dependencies and move all the FSL
> generated modules into their own namespace.  RPM generates perl
> dependencies like this: perl(Mail::SpamAssassin) which satisfy
> system-wide dependencies.  All of our modules use their own
> fsl-perl(Module::Name) namespace and install into /opt/fsl/lib/perl5 so
> as not to pollute the system-wide namespace and allow the base
> repositories to handle these.  This is how we are able to guarantee that
> upgrading your system-wide Perl on CentOS etc. won't break MailScanner
> as our version will look in /opt/fsl/lib/perl5 for MailScanner/SA
> requirements before it looks at the regular system locations.
Nice and clean.
I suppose you're also packaging perl then, so you can control the global 

The custom Requires/Provides name space I guess was done by overriding 
the perl_req and perl_prov scripts. Now writing these replacements are 
probably not entirely trivial...

> Using the .src.rpms that are output by our build system would mean that
> the dependencies generated would be under the system-wide perl()
> namespace as I don't have any plans to release the code to our build system.
Pity that ;)
However you're ofcourse completely within your right to keep it to 
yourself and I guess you have to have *some* secrets.

> The beta repository will also be available to all.  This will always
> contain the last MailScanner beta along with the last MailWatch beta and
> all associated modules necessary to install.  Ultimately there will be
> three repos 'staging' (FSL use only to test new modules) -> 'fsl-beta'
> (Public access, for beta testing only, RPMs are moved here from
> 'staging' repo after testing and finally 'fsl-main' (all FSL customers -
> contains production RPMS moved in from beta after test phase).
This sounds very nice.

Thanks again Steve, this was a most informative post.


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