MailScannerGOLD [was Re: yum upgrade trouble]

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Wed Aug 20 09:34:47 IST 2008

Tom G. Christensen wrote:
>>> Will the src.rpms be available to all or only to customers?
> Stephen, I was not able to infer a clear answer to my question from what 
> you wrote. Would you mind giving a direct answer to my question?

I think Steve's answer was to JC as that's what my threading shows.  But 
I'll answer your question directly and give you the technical details.

The .src.rpms will most likely be available to all - however, simply 
rebuilding them won't yield the same results as using the main 
repository as we have a whole build system behind these that Doc and I 
wrote.  The purpose of the build system is to automatically handle all 
the RPM 'requires' and 'provides' dependencies and move all the FSL 
generated modules into their own namespace.  RPM generates perl 
dependencies like this: perl(Mail::SpamAssassin) which satisfy 
system-wide dependencies.  All of our modules use their own 
fsl-perl(Module::Name) namespace and install into /opt/fsl/lib/perl5 so 
as not to pollute the system-wide namespace and allow the base 
repositories to handle these.  This is how we are able to guarantee that 
upgrading your system-wide Perl on CentOS etc. won't break MailScanner 
as our version will look in /opt/fsl/lib/perl5 for MailScanner/SA 
requirements before it looks at the regular system locations.

Using the .src.rpms that are output by our build system would mean that 
the dependencies generated would be under the system-wide perl() 
namespace as I don't have any plans to release the code to our build system.

The beta repository will also be available to all.  This will always 
contain the last MailScanner beta along with the last MailWatch beta and 
all associated modules necessary to install.  Ultimately there will be 
three repos 'staging' (FSL use only to test new modules) -> 'fsl-beta' 
(Public access, for beta testing only, RPMs are moved here from 
'staging' repo after testing and finally 'fsl-main' (all FSL customers - 
contains production RPMS moved in from beta after test phase).

Kind regards,

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