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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Tue Aug 19 14:46:48 IST 2008

2008/8/19 Fabio Silva <fssilva at>:
> Hello all, i have a server that gets email from another server with
> fetchmail... no problem.. its working fine... and... i have mailscanner to
> scan the mails for virus and spam anddd.. extensions attachments... and..
> the mailwatch to see the email traffic and statistics from web..
> I have done this steps form mailwatch..
> But... im using fetchmail.. and when i use fetchmail.. all mail is delivered
> to postfix from IP ... and... to solve the above problem i have
> all mail classified as Whitelist...
> Does anybody have any clue about how to solve it??
> Best Regards...

This is exactly the same problem you have when using my little ...
well, Pete Russell called it "hackish"... solution to split mails into
one/recipient. So if you look at the notes at the end of that wiki
page, you'll find a solution for this problem, based around submitting
mails to another smtpd listener on a high port... that doesn't include
the header checks...
Look at
(beware line-wrapping) for the details.

-- Glenn
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