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Ken A ka at
Tue Aug 12 22:53:53 IST 2008

Steve Freegard wrote:
> Hi all,
> Please find attached a replacement script that 
> will connect to a local or remote spamd instance instead of using the 
> local SpamAssassin libraries.
> To install - you will need Mail::SpamAssassin installed locally, then 
> copy to your CustomFunctions directory, edit the 
> three variables at the top at the top of the file to fit your 
> configuration and add the specified configuration option to on 
> the host that is running spamd and restart spamd for the changes to take 
> effect.
> Then sure spamd is configured correctly and that you are able to connect 
> to it from the MailScanner host.  Set 'Use Generic Spam Scanner = Yes' 
> and 'Use SpamAssassin = No' in MailScanner.conf and restart MailScanner.
> In the logs it will show spamd being called and the score that is returned.
> Advantages of this approach:
> - Lower memory usage
> - Spamd can be run on a remote system to offload processing
> - Speed?  Actually appears to be faster than the native code on my test 
> machine.
> Disadvantages:
> - No SpamAssassin cache
> Also with a small amount of extra code it would be possible to have 
> per-user/per-domain bayes database and rules scores although I haven't 
> implemented this yet.
> Regards,
> Steve.

Wow. Nice work Steve! spamd already allows ~/.spamassassin configs, and 
mysql backend for per user rules. How would you implement per user rules 
scores differently, or why?


Ken Anderson

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