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Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Tue Aug 12 22:19:41 IST 2008

Hi all,

Please find attached a replacement script that 
will connect to a local or remote spamd instance instead of using the 
local SpamAssassin libraries.

To install - you will need Mail::SpamAssassin installed locally, then 
copy to your CustomFunctions directory, edit the 
three variables at the top at the top of the file to fit your 
configuration and add the specified configuration option to on 
the host that is running spamd and restart spamd for the changes to take 

Then sure spamd is configured correctly and that you are able to connect 
to it from the MailScanner host.  Set 'Use Generic Spam Scanner = Yes' 
and 'Use SpamAssassin = No' in MailScanner.conf and restart MailScanner.

In the logs it will show spamd being called and the score that is returned.

Advantages of this approach:

- Lower memory usage
- Spamd can be run on a remote system to offload processing
- Speed?  Actually appears to be faster than the native code on my test 


- No SpamAssassin cache

Also with a small amount of extra code it would be possible to have 
per-user/per-domain bayes database and rules scores although I haven't 
implemented this yet.

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