Watermark+Exim don't work together

Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro miguelanxo at telefonica.net
Tue Aug 12 13:13:27 IST 2008

> Miguelanxo,
> I had same sort of problem about three months back with my two 
> MailScanner/Exim setups. Of course several MailScanner/Postfix setups 
> worked OK.
> Attached patch against Message.pm-4.69.9 resolved the problem for me.
> Julian, I was trying to get your attention on, but later learned that 
> you were hospitalized for checkups. Appreciate your comments, please.
> Lasantha.

I just copied a clean Messages.pm from version 4.69.9, applied your 
patch and copied it into my MailScanner-4.70.7-1
installation and now I have watermark headers, so the patch did work for 

I'm currently adapting the patch to version 4.70.7-1, and I'm testing 
the rest of the watermark functionality by now.

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