Watermark+Exim don't work together

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Aug 11 16:56:48 IST 2008

I'll take a look at this soon, for you.

Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro wrote:
> Hello List!
>    In order to get rid of bounce-back SPAM, I've tried to configure 
> MailScanner to use watermarks, but
> It just doesn't work. I've just started to do the debugging and asked 
> in the freenode #MailScanner channel
> and someone suggested I post my findings here, so here I go...
>    Setup: MailScanner 4.70.7-1 + Exim 4.50 + ClamAV
>    As the first symptom is outbound email having no watermark header, 
> I will try to fix that first.
> I just greped for "watermark" and found some code in 
> lib/MailScanner/Message.pm that deals with watermarking.
> Line 340...
>      $global::MS->{mta}->AppendHeader($this, $mshmacheader, 
> "$expiry\@$hash");
> ...adds in fact the watermark header to a header set, but as I print 
> that set of headers just after
> every call to that sub, I can see it gets removed somewhat after the 
> antivirus (ClamAV) is called
> (I can see the debug messages of ClamAV intermixed).
> I tried to find AppendHeader and looks like, as I'm using exim, it 
> should be the one defined in
> lib/MailScanner/Exim.pm
> In that file, line 699 I found this
>      $message->{metadata}{headers} = [];
> just after something about MIME::Tools and the lack of proper heading 
> processing.
> I just can say the Watermark header is wiped in that line, and not 
> reconstructed after.
> Would be glad if someone just takes a pick on this.
> Best regards,
>    Miguelanxo.


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