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Thu Aug 7 17:00:20 IST 2008



I'm pretty new to MailScanner, but I do have a working system and it


I am having trouble tracking down a few bits of information, though -
and this is mostly a Postfix question but I figured someone here might


MailScanner uses the Postfix header-checks "HOLD" feature to scan the
messages.   Postfix drops the message into the hold folder, and every
few moments MailScanner will check the folder, scan all the messages,
and then drop it into a folder for postfix to grab and continue sending
the message on its way.


At what time in the process does Postfix do this?     It appears that
postfix will do this before pretty much anything else.   So, if I have a
filter set up in the (for instance, dspam) MailScanner always
gets a hold of the message first.    What if I wanted to use dspam to
tag a message probability, and add some scores to SpamAssassin (which is
run by MailScanner?)    That way,  MailScanner remains the only system
that's doing any tagging, quarantining, etc.


DSPAM is just an example.   I can think of several other nice little
things I'd like to be able to do, too.


So, I guess the question is:   Is there any way to run a filter via
Postfix *before* MailScanner gets its turn?    Or do I have it all wrong


Thanks in advance.

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