Spam Lists (DNS blocklists) and trusted networks

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Sat Aug 2 14:02:04 IST 2008

ram wrote:
> If mail is being relayed to my MailScanner server from a MX server
> how do I check RBL's within MailScanner 
Spam List = .....
in MailScanner.conf. Check in the MailScanner.conf file for the docs on 
this option, and in spam.lists.conf for a list of all the RBL's that 
MailScanner already knows about. You can always add more to it if it 
doesn't contain your favourites already.

Also, SpamAssassin will check loads of RBLs for you too and point-score 
them which may well provide you with better results.
> Can I specify MailScanner to look inside the headers for checking RBL's
> 1 Hop before the current relay server
SpamAssassin can and will do that for you. I didn't see the point in 
implementing all of that support when SpamAssassin already does it very 
well anyway.

> I know It is best to check RBL's at the MTA, but I want to use
> whitelists overriding RBL checks. That is why I moved the RBL checks to
> MailScanner from the MTA
Seems fair, that's what I do too :-)


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