ClamAV 0.93 released

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Tue Apr 29 15:54:43 IST 2008

Denis Beauchemin wrote:
> Koopmann, Jan-Peter a écrit :
>>> Since there are known exploits for 0.92 I am beginning to feel the
>> urge
>>> to upgrade to 0.93...
>> Why not switch to clamd?
> Clamd means a new daemon to start/monitor which translates to a new 
> potential point of failure.  Mail::ClamAV didn't have those shortcomings 
> but the lack of timely updates will probably push me towards clamd...

Having tested both - I came to the following conclusion:

If you have plenty memory to spare and MailScanner child start-up time 
is not an issue, then use Mail::ClamAV otherwise in all other cases use 
clamd as it uses considerably less RAM without any performance penalty 
as it uses threads as it seems that the signature database is shared 
amongst the scanner threads.


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