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Ken Goods kgoods at
Fri Apr 25 19:20:30 IST 2008

Wilson A. Galafassi Jr. wrote:
> Hello.
> I want to some emails have all filename and filetypes unblocked.
> So i have created this 2 files:
> /etc/MailScanner/filetype.rules.rules and
> /etc/MailScanner/filename.rules.rules
> Inside that files:
> FromOrTo: admin at
> /etc/MailScanner/filetype.rules.allowall.conf FromOrTo:
> admin at /etc/MailScanner/filename.rules.allowall.conf 
> But when i send some exe file the email is blocked.
> What i have to configure to this feature work?
> Thanks,
> Wilson Galafasi

I think you're close but you didn't say what was in your
filename.rules.allowall.conf file... maybe you just need to edit your

Here's what I did... there may be an easier/different way.

Create two files in your /etc/MailScanner directory:
Both containing...

allow	.	-	-

This rule allows all filetypes and names (remember to use tabs between)

Create two files in your rules directory:

To: admin at /etc/MailScanner/filetype.allow.all.conf
FromOrTo: default /etc/MailScanner/filetype.rules.conf (the filetype rule
default file)

To: admin at /etc/MailScanner/filename.allow.all.conf
FromOrTo: default /etc/MailScanner/filename.rules.conf (the filename rule
default file)

Then in MailScanner.conf edit and add....
Filename Rules = /etc/MailScanner/rules/filename.rules
Filetype Rules = /etc/MailScanner/rules/filetype.rules

When an email comes in to admin at MailScanner directs it to the
allow.conf's and for everyone else it goes to the default conf's.

You may need to adjust the paths depending on your distribution.

Hope this helps.

Ken Goods
Network Administrator
CropUSA Insurance, Inc.

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