problems with dkim-milter and mailscanner/postfix

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Apr 23 20:16:35 IST 2008

on 4-22-2008 9:56 PM Hugo van der Kooij spake the following:
> Paul Hutchings wrote:
> | I suppose it's a conversation for a different list so hope I'm not going
> | too OT here, but without getting into the wars about standard X vs
> | standard Y, is it actually worth the effort of getting DKIM working in
> | peoples opinions?
> |
> | We use SPF and obviously it doesn't stop spam but it does stop spoofing.
> |
> | DKIM/DomainKeys seems to make me a "good net citizen" but at present my
> | understanding is all it really does is authenticates?
> One of the main DKIM players is yahoo. Another is google. I happen to
> get a lot of spam with valid DKIM stuff from Yahoo. Others are not keen
> on Google. So it seems to me DKIM is not adding anything except a large
> header block to each message.
> Hugo.
DKIM is only as valuable as SPF. It lets you know if a mail came from the 
servers it says it did. Many ISP's send lots of spam, and don't seem to try 
and stop it. Neither technology helps here. It takes a lot of processor power 
and a good set of rules to catch spam. And then if you do some post work like 
blocking persistent sources for a period of time, you get more benefits.

As for spam from Yahoo, I don't think I get much valid mail from yahoo, and I 
have thought about writing a meta rule for DKIM that cancels any score help if 
it comes from yahoo or google.
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