Feature List - startup script enhancement

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Wed Apr 23 18:08:07 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote:
> The milters should be started and stopped independently of sendmail
> (and hence MailScanner). Your milters should have their own init.d
> scripts. 

Some would argue that sendmail/postfix/etc should be started
independently.  <g>  I don't, of course, hold that viewpoint.
The two milters I'm runnign are smf-spf and smf-sav.

They do have their own init scripts.
> What are you adding the "whitelist entry" to?

Mostly the smf-sav conf file.  It seems that businesses like to get
designer domains, but when they send to us from those domains I get
tempfails on the SAV.  I usually suggest that the business talk to their
email provider to enable address verification, but generally they
haven't a clue, and the email associated w/their domain is hosted by
some 3rd party site that may or may not have good tech support.  Since
it's always the bigwigs that cant' get their mail, a whitelist entry is
the path of least resistance.

> I use 2 or 3 milters with sendmail (and MailScanner) and don't start
> or stop the milters at all.

So you're never white/blacklisting in the milters?

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