White-list address ignored

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Tue Apr 22 20:56:24 IST 2008

on 4-22-2008 12:37 PM Jim Dickenson spake the following:
> I am running:
> This is CentOS release 4.5 (Final)
> This is Perl version 5.008005 (5.8.5)
> This is MailScanner version 4.58.9
> I have this set:
> Is Definitely Not Spam = %rules-dir%/spam.whitelist.rules
> In the rules file I have a line like this:
> From:           addr at sbcglobal.net   yes
> The three elements are separated with tabs
> I got an email where the MailScanner-From header shows this address but it
> was not white-listed.
> I ran MailScanner --lint and did not have any errors.
> What might cause this.
> I see there is an argument --to=<address> and I thought maybe it test the
> address against the various rule sets. I am not sure what the purpose of
> that option is but it did not show anything what helped me figure out what
> might be wrong.
> Any ideas as to what to look at?
> Thanks,
Could this message have been to multiple people at your site?

If so, look at the following in your MailScanner.conf:

# Spammers have learnt that they can get their message through by sending
# a message with lots of recipients, one of which chooses to whitelist
# everything coming to them, including the spammer.
# So if a message arrives with more than this number of recipients, ignore
# the "Is Definitely Not Spam" whitelist.
Ignore Spam Whitelist If Recipients Exceed = 20

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you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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