problems with dkim-milter and mailscanner/postfix

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Tue Apr 22 10:41:19 IST 2008

On 22/04/2008, andrew colin <andrew.colin at> wrote:
> I have been investigating this issue as i have also come across it,
>  Well as the postfix queue format is not
>  documented my assumptions were just guess work so correct me if i am
A bit more sophisticated than that:-). There is the code, and some
fairly extensive comments in there, so it is far from pure
guessing/reverse engineering. There is an element of that too, but ...

>  wrong, i was under the assumption
>  that the integer values at the beginning of the queue file represent
>  the side of the message.
Exactly what have you been looking at? The file "on hold" will not
change, since we build a completely new one from scratch. I haven't
looked at how the start record is generated (or if it simply is
"transported" lately, so don't remeber thsoe details... But I do have
some faint recollections that that should be recalculated as the queue
file is written...

>  What i picked up was that even after the milter inserted the extra
>  headers to the message these values
>  remained the same the perl module resonsible for reading the queue
>  file and processing it was then
>  unable to due to the fact that it was not reading to the wrong place
>  within the queue file.
What are you on about? What perl module and where? What version of MailScanner?
MailScanner uses two perl modules to read the message: (the
ReadQf sub) and (the Body class). It reads all the
records comprising the queue file into the message object, doing any
adjustments needed, and later on write out a completely new file. So
unless you "catch" that new file, you don't know how it has been

Now, the problem Paul likely had was due to a bug in the Body class...
That was fixed in stable release 4.68.8. If you run anything prior to
that ... you shouldn't try using milters;-).

>  P.S and yes postfix on Centos 5.1 comes with milter support built in.
If it is PF2.3.x, full body edits aren't possible.

>  Andrew

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