Handling attachments

Ken Anderson ka at pacific.net
Sun Apr 20 23:08:24 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote:
> Ehle, Roland wrote:
>> I am just wondering, if it could be possible to replace attachments 
>> with a certain size by a link and place the attachments in a certain 
>> directory.  GMX (free mail provider in Germany) offers a Mediacenter, 
>> where they put automatically large attachments, to allow to download 
>> them later.
> It can't currently do this. If you use IMAP instead of POP then the imap 
> client can do this automatically, so there is no need to do it. It could 
> be added, but no-one has ever asked for it before, so I haven't provided 
> it. Are there many other people wanting this which would make it worth 
> the while?

I doubt it. If the goal is to reduce the size of the 'email' download, 
why not use a webmail client?

> It could be implemented as a side-effect of a Custom Function, which 
> would avoid you needing to modify the main code. But it would be a fair 
> bit of work to do. I could write it for you, but it will cost you, my 
> time doesn't come cheap. It all depends how much you want it :-)
> Storing all the attachments in a directory (which would depend on the 
> recipient's email address) can already be done with the extensions to 
> the "store" spam action I have added recently. The only extra work you 
> would need to do would be to replace the attachments in the file with 
> HTML files containing links pointing to the directories.
> Jules

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