commit ineffective with AutoCommit enabled...

Bertrand Poulet bertrand.poulet at
Fri Apr 18 12:12:16 IST 2008


having error message on starting MailScanner (4.68.8-1) with MailWatch:
  # /etc/init.d/MailScanner restart
   Shutting down MailScanner daemons:
         MailScanner:       commit ineffective with AutoCommit enabled
/usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/CustomFunctions/ line 93,
         <CLIENT> line 1.

i've read about same problem on mailing list : 
(disabling autocommit) 
(automatic syntax check = no )

and tried to disabled autocommit.
  [root at host1 ~]#  mysql mailscanner -u user -p
   mysql> select @@autocommit ;
    @@autocommit ->    1

so i changed in /etc/my.cnf
   init_connect='SET autocommit=0'

and then
   mysql> select @@autocommit ;
    @@autocommit ->    0

but still got the error message 'commit ineffective with AutoCommit 
maybe, because of "the statements specified for the init_connect option 
are not executed for users
  that have the SUPER privilege"

any idea to solve this issue ?
maybe something like giving 'Autocommit' value when connecting to DB in and
then leave 'automatic syntax check = yes' ?



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