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Dave Jones davejones70 at
Thu Apr 17 15:46:15 IST 2008

>Dave Jones wrote:
>>>> Would it be possible to use some tag in the html so that MailScanner
>>>> could evaluate/find to not duplicate if found?  Maybe use the alt=
>>>> text to determine if the image and the alt= text already exists?  Or
>>>> if there is an accurate method to detect a reply or forward from the
>>>> headers and have a MailScanner.conf option or rule to only include it
>>>> on original emails and not reply or forwards similar to how most email
>>>> clients work.
>>> Very good, I like it. So now you can do it :-)
>>> I've just released 4.69.5 which can do this.
>>> In your signature's <img> tag, you must have an "alt" attribute which
>>> contains "MailScanner Signature".
>>> It actually a case-insensitive match on "mailscanner.*signature" so you
>>> can have anything followed by the word "mailscanner" followed by
>>> anything followed by the word "signature" followed by anything. So you
>>> can tweak the text quite a lot and it will still work.
>>> Please can you let me know if this does the behaviour that you want.
>> The latest version is working much better by not attaching the jpg
>> file a second time.
>> However, it is still attaching the html file a second time so I see
>> duplicate html at
>> the bottom of the email.
>> Would it make sense to also not append any html files that have the match
>> on the "mailscanner.*signature" search when you don't attach the image file?
>> My thinking is that they (the inline html and the image) are a pair
>> and they should
>> both be added on the first email and both skipped on subsequent emails.
>Most people want their sig added at the bottom, as otherwise the sig
>left at the bottom is that of the other person in the conversation. So
>you're sending out a mail with their sig at the bottom, which is a bit odd.

I don't understand why you think this is odd.  The bottom most
signature is the one
in question since the html is getting appended to the email.  The
bottom of the email
is normally the original email since email is top-post logic (unlike
mailing lists).
If you keep appending the same html to the bottom, it just stacks up
the same thing
over and over and you would end up with duplicate images and html text
back to back
which looks rather odd.  So unless I am missing something, the current
logic ends up
being a bit odd after you reply back and forth a few times.

Dave Jones

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