OT: Ideas as to best way to do this

Koopmann, Jan-Peter jan-peter at koopmann.eu
Thu Apr 17 11:14:14 IST 2008

> Just to let you know, all google servers are hopeless at handling
> to greylisting systems.
> You can expect BIG delays as they don't maintain state on smtp queues.

Agreed. Just for the record: This is not really a google problem but a
problem coming from inefficient greylisting implementations. Have a look
at BarricadeMX. Their greylisting implementation does not suffer from
this particular problem.

> Typically a greylisting system admin would whitelist google servers to
> get round their problem, however, as google is in the top 100 list of
> spam sources whitelisting their mail relays is a very bad idea....

Or use better greylisting algorithms.. :-)

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